Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy

Official White House photo by Chuck Kennedy

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In an exclusive interview with Joe Madison on SiriusXM Urban View, First Lady Michelle Obama discussed what has been a very hot topic lately: Obamacare. Revealing that her own daughter Sasha suffered from Meningitis when she was just about four months old, the First Lady stressed the need of having affordable healthcare. As she explained, it was thanks to being covered by healthcare that her daughter was able to get the treatments she needed.

“We didn’t expect a curveball like this,” she said. “But fortunately we had insurance and they took care of her. We got immediate attention…When I think about why the Affordable Care Act is so important, I think about the fact that we never know what curveball life is going to throw us.”

The First Lady also noted the importance for young people — especially young women — to seek coverage if they are no longer under their parents’ health insurance, are working part-time or are unemployed and unable to afford healthcare in general. She explained how prevention should be the top priority for today’s youth, and it is through Obamacare that preventive care is available to every citizen.

“[The Affordable Care Act]… provides a safety net for millions and millions of Americans but we have to take the next step to go check it out, sign up and make sure that we’re covered. That should be our New Year’s resolutions to ourselves.”

Joe Madison, “The Black Eagle,” is a human and civil rights activist, abolitionist against slavery in Southern Sudan, television commentator, columnist, lecturer, labor and corporate spokesman, musician and athlete. He is the former executive director of the Detroit NAACP and was later named director of the national NAACP political action department. Madison’s live, daily, call-in show airs weekdays from 6:00 – 10:00 am ET SiriusXM Urban View channel 110.

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