It was a good week for participants in the SiriusXM Pigskin Pick’em game, as 53 of the 4,538 people who made picks for Week 8 ran the table with a 13-0 record.

Two of those 53 people were SiriusXM hosts: Mad Dog Sports Radio’s Bill Lekas and SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio’s Dan Clasgens each moved up the standings by guessing every game correctly.

(A bonus shout to Maro, a fellow team member, whose team went 13-0 in the Interactive league.)

Lekas’ big week moved him to third place overall, as his record improved to 83-37. He and the rest of the hosts are still chasing Dr. Roto, who is atop the standings for a second consecutive week. Dr. Roto went 12-1, missing only on the Eagles’ loss to the Giants, and is now 86-34 this year. He is tied for ninth on the overall leaderboard, four games back of “back4another.”

The top six through Week 8:

  1. Dr. Roto (86-34)
  2. Lance Medow (84-36)
  3. Bill Lekas (83-37)
  4. Doria Biddle (82-38)
  5. Pete Pistone (82-38)
  6. Steve Phillips (82-38)

Other notable SiriusXM hosts after Week 8:

Clasgens’ perfect week improved his record to 78-42, eight games back of Dr. Roto for first.

Every SiriusXM host correctly picked the 49ers, Saints, Broncos, Packers and Seahawks to beat the Jaguars, Bills, Redskins, Vikings and Rams, with the exception of two:

Heat DJ Herkules incorrectly predicted Washington to upset Denver.

Al Skop, host on the SiriusXM’s The Highway, picked the Jaguars and Bills to upset the 49ers and Saints. (Hey, Jacksonville’s got to win eventually, right?!)

Evan Cohen nearly ran the table, missing just one game — the Raiders’ surprise win over the Steelers. Cohen is 79-41 this season.

Jeff Mans also went 12-1, one of a number of hosts to incorrectly pick a Philadelphia win over New York. Mans is now 75-45.

Jon Hein, host of The Wrap Up Show, showed loyalty, picking his beloved Steelers, and missed on other game — the Lions’ win over the Cowboys — to finish the week 11-2. Hein is 13 games back of Dr. Roto.

For complete standings, visit the Pigskin Pick’em host grid. There’s also still time to sign up and play alongside your favorite SiriusXM personalities.

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