Looking back at the history of SiriusXM NFL Radio, through its hosts and founders, as we approach the channel’s 10th anniversary on Aug. 2, 2014.

While Scott Pioli spends plenty of time listening to channel 88 on his satellite radio, the station hardly is the only one he tunes into.

Long before he became a co-host on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Pioli was rocking to the beat on a variety of channels.

“A lot of the time I spent on SiriusXM early on was spent on the music channels, round the clock,” says Pioli, who worked in the front offices for the Patriots and Chiefs and now is assistant GM in Atlanta. “Growing up in the New York area, I was a classic rock from the ’70s guy. We had our two local FM stations and you were either a WNEW or WPLJ listener. And I remember listening all the time to Meg Griffin.

“So then I began listening to SiriusXM, and it was Meg Griffin on the air. She has such a great way with the music and gets you so involved. That is what got me hooked to listening to satellite radio.”

Pioli knew Senior VP of Sports Programming Steve Cohen from the days Pioli was an executive with the Jets and Cohen was producing their radio broadcasts. Pioli mentioned Griffin, and soon they had met.

“Meg became friends with us, she would come to Patriots games, come up from New York,” Pioli says. “That kind of shows the family environment at SiriusXM.”

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