Looking back at the history of SiriusXM NFL Radio, through its hosts and founders, as we approach the channel’s 10th anniversary on Aug. 2, 2014.

The Senior Bowl is the gathering place for NFL scouts, assistant and head coaches, general managers and personnel directors.

Oh yeah, for the truckers, too.

When Pat Kirwan takes Movin’ The Chains to Mobile, Ala., each January for the college all-star game, he knows who will be there to greet him.

“It’s like a family reunion,” Kirwan says of the dozens of truck drivers who show up in Mobile.

Kirwan and his co-hosts have developed a wonderful personal relationship with their listeners who drive the interstates of America. So about four years into MTC, Pat and then-partner Tim Ryan, incited the truckers to meet them in Mobile.

“Only one showed up, his name is Brandon, from Missouri,” Kirwan says. “We were all backed up with our guests, so we told Brandon: ‘Sit and talk to Dick Vermeil until we can get to you.’

“After that, he went online and told all of the other truckers how we let him be part of the show. We started calling him ‘Commish.'”

The next year, Kirwan recalls eight or nine truckers took up him and Ryan on their offer. Since then, the annual gathering has grown to more than 60.

“We have a dinner with them, and we created awards for them – nuttiest caller, funniest caller, (pretend) GM of the year. It’s nurtured the culture of the Movin’ The Chains fan.”

Kirwan and Ryan (now Jim Miller) even bring out the white boards during a barbecue and have their friends from within the league, especially the coaches, come by to diagram plays and formations for the truckers.

“They can’t get enough,” Kirwan says. “And we want to give them more and more.”

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