The Supreme Court of the United States permanently ended the long-fought debate over marriage equality on Friday with a 5-to-4 vote making the right to same-sex marriage Constitutional. Following the news — which came appropriately during the 46th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots — people around the country reflected on this landmark occasion. Here’s what some of our hosts, guests and listeners had to say.

Out Q (Ch. 106)

While reflecting on major events in the gay rights movement, Out Q host Xorje Olivares discusses how the Supreme Court case was won by brave individuals who pushed for their rights on a grassroots level.

Listeners of the Frank DeCaro Show call in to share their excitement surrounding marriage equality. One Texas caller enthusiastically states, “I am straight, but I am not narrow.”

Out Q’s The Jolt listeners call to weigh in on the Supreme Court decision. A caller from Philadelphia, who has always dreamt of his wedding day, points out, “Gay people have always been supportive of traditional marriage…Now we’re finally invited to the party.”

Janice Thom, Clay Aiken, and Hawk Kinkaid give a real-time reaction to the announcement that same-sex marriage is legalized.

SiriusXM Patriot (Ch. 125)

John-Henry Westen, Editor-in-Chief of, discusses the censorship being placed on those who oppose same-sex marriage after its legalization.

SiriusXM P.O.T.U.S. (Ch. 124)

On No Labels Radio, hosts talk to political insiders about how the SCOTUS Marriage Decision will impact the upcoming election and about how politics will change in the future as a result of the decision.

Julie Mason speaks with Diane Anderson-Minshall from The Advocate about the SCOTUS ruling and how it fits within the “ongoing fight for equal rights, equal opportunity and equal protection for all Americans.”

The Catholic Channel (Ch. 129)

A woman in the process of becoming a nun calls in to the Catholic Channel to explain how she is conflicted by her role as a Catholic and as a loving cousin to a homosexual man.

A gay man, who is also a practicing Catholic, calls in to the Busted Halo Show to discuss the dichotomy of his life.

On the day of the Supreme Court ruling, Catholic Channel listeners call in to share their reactions to the news.

SiriusXM Insight (Ch. 121)

Margaret Hoover tells Stand Up’s Pete Dominick why she believes that the GOP is warming up to gay marriage but also points out that there is still a long way to go in homosexual rights.

Comedian Todd Glass combats same-sex marriage haters and asks everyone to redirect their energy toward those who oppose LGBT rights, “Make fun of people that make fun of transgender people.”

Green Party Presidential candidate, Jill Stein, considers the same-sex marriage ruling a no-brainer, asking listeners “Why should sexual preference determine your civil liberties?”

SiriusXM Progress (Ch. 127)

A listener of The Michaelango Signorile Show tells a personal story about what the SCOTUS Marriage Decision means to him.

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