Following the murders of nine people in a historic black church, Urban View host Karen Hunter created a petition, Remove the Confederate Flag From All Government Places. As of 11 am ET Tuesday, it has more than 546,000 signatures (and continues to gain). Hunter wrote Monday evening:

My spirit was lifted by South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley’s announcement calling for the removal of the Confederate flag from the state capitol following the signatures of more than 525,000 Americans taking action with’s petition. In less than four days, #KarenRebels and people from all walks of life took a stance and made a difference. This is one small step toward a big move. The next step is to make sure South Carolina’s state legislature votes to take down the flag, then we need to target Mississippi, Georgia, and every state in our great union that flies that symbol of hate over their state houses. This is just the beginning. I intend to use my platform on SiriusXM as I always have—to empower our listeners and serve as a lobbyist and a conduit to positive change in individual lives, our community and our nation.

“You voted when you signed that petition. You made a statement,” Hunter said to her listeners. “And it was the second-fastest petition in the history of to reach that pinnacle of 500,000.”

Hunter spoke with executive director Anna Galland, who spoke about how and why this petition process came into existence.

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