Whether you know and love him from back in the day when he was screaming “My name is Kiiiiiiiid Rock!” Or you prefer his gentler country-rock vibe from the likes of his duet with Sheryl Crow, we can all agree that Kid Rock is a Jack of all trades (or in this case a Jack of all genres). This weekend, we got the bad boy to sit down and play nice with fans, during which he talked about all the sugar and all the spice.

One of the wickedest questions to come out of the Q&A actually stumped Mr. Rock. Or, at the very least, left him unsure what he could share publicly.

“Oh lordy, lordy. This [show] is PG, right? Rock ‘n’ Roll has not been too kind to my memory … so many crazy experiences [have happened on the road] … I’m completely stumped,” he said, trying to think of the weirdest thing to ever happen to him while touring. “But I’ll never forget this lady … and man, I didn’t know there’s 100 percent real rednecks in California … and there’s this lady standing there with this confederate flag halter top yelling ‘Sign my baby!'”

Then, of course, as things tend to do in SiriusXM Town Halls, Rock showed his softy side when he talked about working with Sheryl Crow on Picture. Apparently Rock’s mom … Mrs. Rock? Met Crow on the Grammys red carpet and was simply charmed, after which he invited her to Detroit where they ended up working on their duet.

“She came to Detroit, we hung out for like a week … and I was like ‘I got this song.’ So I wrote the rest of it and I was so cocky about how good of a song it was that I went and lamented the lyrics … and it was just one of those things. She was great, it’s like the sun and a rough ocean. I sound like I’ve been eating quarry for breakfast and she’s got the voice of an angel. It just sort of worked out,” he said.

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