Last week, Judge JD delivered bad news to some superfans of the Howard Stern Show when Bobo, Ham Hands Bill and other wack packers were passed over for a ticket to the Howard Stern Birthday Bash. (Fred the Elephant Boy was the lucky recipient of that ticket.)

This week, Howard 100 News reporter Shuli Egar delivered some much more uplifting news to Howard Stern’s most famous infamous fans.

Mariann, who was on the phone when Howard announced the Jan. 31 party, broke into her favorite song, “All We Need, is Howard in Our Life:”

Sour Shoes had the most Sour Shoes reaction ever, and Bobo said he’s off his anxiety pills after learning he’ll be at Hammerstein Ballroom next Friday:

Mark the Bagger called the opportunity “awesome” and “so rad:”

Jon Leiberman was the lucky Howard 100 News reporter to let Ham Hands Bill he’s got a spot at the birthday party:

And not surprisingly, Riley Martin rejected the ticket – gracefully, mind you – advising Shuli to give his spot to “some more worthy people:”

For those that won’t be in New York City for the event of the year, there is good news: Howard Stern’s Birthday Bash will stream live, for free, at For more details, click here.

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