Tonight, the NFL kicks off Week 2 of the 2015 season with an AFC West match-up in Kansas City between the Chiefs and the Denver Broncos.

While our NFL Radio experts have the Broncos ahead of the Chiefs in this week’s Power 12, they have the Chiefs taking tonight’s game in this week’s predictions.

So why the lack of faith in the Broncos tonight? On Mad Dog Sports Radio, Adam Schein said he doesn’t like Denver’s chances because of Peyton Manning’s play against the Baltimore Ravens in Week 1.

“Peyton Manning, in a win, looked awful,” Schein said. “Normally you wouldn’t make a big deal out of one game. But when you look at how Peyton Manning played and you look at how he performed at the end of last year, well, his arm strength wasn’t there, the accuracy wasn’t there, the results weren’t there.”

Schein suggested Manning’s age could be catching up to him.

“Peyton Manning is not Benjamin Button,” he said. “He’s not going to get any younger anytime soon.”

Schein explained why Manning’s offensive line could cause him to perform poorly tonight.

“That offensive line was brutal,” Schein said. “Who does Peyton Manning face on Thursday? A defense who is big, and physical, and confident, and well coached, and gets to the opposition’s quarterback.”

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