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Sometimes a girl’s just got to handle her own business.

To talk all about that — well, you know, business — and more juicy details, acclaimed radio and TV sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer visited SiriusXM Stars for another exclusive edition of Leading Ladies. Dr. Ruth sat down for an intimate chat with Judy Licht to discuss her groundbreaking career and to give insight into her incredible life story. (Not only did Westheimer manage to escape from the Nazis and succeed as a single mother in America, but her incredible life story is now on stage for the world to see — a new play, Becoming Dr. Ruth, is playing currently at the Westside Theater in New York City.)

So what did the two discuss? Licht dove right in and brought up the topic of America’s aging female population, noting that many in that age group are feeling lonely and unloved. Dr. Ruth had an interesting remedy that involved nothing less than a little self-love.

“There are many people who are lonely, of all ages… and I tell them you have an obligation to masturbate,” Dr. Ruth said. “I can tell you who masturbates and who doesn’t. I can tell you who is sexually satisfied or not.”

As the doctor explained, those who don’t partake in a little self-love are easy to point out in a crowd. The results of giving in to your personal needs wards off frustration and allows you to not dwell upon that loneliness.

Check out the clip below to get a little more self-help advice from Dr. Ruth. And don’t forget to tune in this Friday at 11 am ET on SiriusXM Stars for this edition of SiriusXM Leading Ladies.

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