Actor and funnyman Seth Rogen stopped by SiriusXM Indie to talk to Covino & Rich about his new movie Neighbors, why it sucks that he’s getting older, and his views on good friend James Franco’s Instagram selfies. When it comes to James Franco’s odd behavior on social media or otherwise, Rogen is not phased by it. In fact, he thinks it’s pretty hilarious. “I don’t take it that seriously. I just laugh about it,”said Rogen.”If he wasn’t famous and it was just your friend doing that, you’d think it was really funny!”

Later, Rogen finally came to the realization that he’s getting older–and he’s not okay with it. “It sucks when you realize you’d rather stay home than go to a party,” Rogen said.”It gets to a point where you’re like ‘I don’t even want to get drunk anymore, I’d rather watch television’… which is a horrible realization to make.”

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