Serial case prosecutor Kevin Urick: You don’t learn anything from Sarah Koenig’s podcast

Kevin Urick, the prosecutor in the murder case that put Adnan Syed behind bars for life, spoke on The Michael Smerconish Program Thursday. Urick, who was a notable missing voice in the 12-episode Serial series, weighed in on the podcast that has captivated millions.

Urick says he has not listened to the podcast and that, despite what host Sarah Koenig says, he was not aggressively contacted for an interview by Serial’s producers.

“I cannot swear that she did not try to contact me … but … did she try to contact me multiple times? Definitely not,” Urick contends.

And while he hasn’t listened, he says he’s read transcripts and is unimpressed by the arguments in Serial, which quickly became the world’s most popular podcast and spurred obsessive articles, subreddits and, yes, other podcasts.

“From everything I’ve seen and everything I’ve read, you don’t learn anything,” Urick said. “It’s like [Koenig] is emotionally trying to draw people in and sympathize with Syed,” he later added, “If she comes out and says Syed is guilty, she doesn’t have a program.”

On Wednesday, the state of Maryland recommended that a judge deny Syed’s petition for a new post-conviction appeal.

“The case itself was very routine. It’s memorable because the defense attorney was so hard-nosed and so aggressive,” Urick said.

The prosecutor also dove into the validity of the cell phone records evidence, which was a major issue in Serial.

Listen to the entire interview here:

Urick first spoke in a two-part interview with The Intercept.


A note from Michael: “I was apparently mistaken when I identified the Serial podcast as a product of NPR. It is actually a spinoff of This American Life, which airs on more than 500 public radio stations across the country.”


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