Heels click, lips are lined, buttons are fastened, and SiriusXM is there to cover it all. You may not have Anna Wintour’s cell phone digits or all-access pass, but missing out on Fashion Week 2014 is about as acceptable as a lime green fur poncho. Check out SiriusXM’s round-up of interviews, style tips, and celebrity spottings.

On SiriusXM’s Fashion Unzipped, designer Betsey Johnson discussed her un-apologetically flashy fall collection. Neon colors, a constellation of sequins, and even caftans made the cut for her clothing line this year. Johnson even went on to say that she has incorporated a ruby red shoe into her line – not unlike Dorothy’s signature kicks. Though Johnson is greatly inspired by the goings on in the Emerald City, the models donning her pieces during Fashion Week will be toting a lot more than Toto.

“The hair is rock star, the makeup is beautiful, the girls are gorgeous, and it’s serious, classic fashion for me,” Johnson said. “This woman walks in the room, and heads turn, and she’s happy… It’s all in her head and in her spirit.”

Veering off of the Yellow Brick Road, Johnson talked fashion in the digital age. Her own show will be live streamed in Times Square Wednesday at 3:15 pm ET. Be sure to stop by the bustle if you can – Johnson hinted that this may be her work’s last walk on the runway. All the same, Johnson is an advocate for the accessibility the Fashion Week media whirlwind allows.

“I don’t want this to be my last show, but I really… it was a struggle for the industry to spend so much money on shows and time, when the shows were only getting to as many people who were invited into the tent,” Johnson said. “I always wanted to show in a huge space for the press and all the Fashion Week people, but also for the people.”

SiriusXM’s Fashion Insiders with Fern Mallis also touched on whether social media takes away from experiencing the artistry involved in Fashion Week. ELLE Magazine’s Faran Krentcil voiced that the attention accompanied by social media is an asset to designers’ product sales and the fashion industry itself.

“I think the gap between the girls who are taking pictures of every single thing and posting it… and the people…who are buying it, I think that gap has really shortened,” Krentcil said. “Five years or so ago, I would say that these girls had no purchasing power, that they could blog to death about a bag, and nobody would care. I think the retailers and the shoppers are starting to care, and I think that makes it difficult to know whether you should be clapping or whether you should be blogging.”

Talk of blogging girls turned to talk of guys turning heads – and not just during swimsuit season. Style has become an integral value to the modern man, whether he is gay, straight, or even a sports icon. Athletes like David Beckham can both dominate the field and score seats at runway shows. The days of hiding GQ under your mattress are over, boys.

“Every guy wants to be fit, young, stylish, and modern, and style happens to be a part of it,” Tom Julian said. “There is this aspiration to be young, cool, contemporary.”

Men are not the only ones getting a makeover; Mallis also discussed consumers updating their look with “It” accessories as opposed to splurging on an entirely new wardrobe.

“Accessories become more popular because as people start to reinvent themselves… they don’t have the income to kind of buy a whole new wardrobe,” Mallis said.

Mallis was able to go backstage at Lincoln Center to check out the styles, the sights, and the stars soaking them all in – Joe Jonas and Coco Rocha, to name a few.

“When I grow up, I want to be Coco Rocha,” Mallis told the Canadian model.

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