Senator Rand Paul calls president’s ISIS response ‘illegal’ and in violation of the Constitution

Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey recently stated that he would consider sending U.S. ground forces into Iraq to combat ISIS, if necessary. His is a heavy statement, considering the last few years’ efforts to extract American troops from the region. Michael Smerconish spoke with Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) this morning to get his take on the general’s statement.

“I tend to believe that if the Iraqis won’t fight for their country, I don’t think American GIs should,” Paul said. “So I’m all for the Iraqis stepping up and proving that they want to have a country.”

Not only does Paul disagree with the possibility of sending troops in to fight ISIS, he thinks the president’s current actions are illegal and against the Constitution.

“I think [the president] is in violation of the Constitution now,” Paul said. “The founding fathers were explicit in the Federalist Papers. The Constitution was explicit; it says that Congress declares war.”

Paul went on to talk about what he would ask Secretary of State John Kerry, if given the chance. Namely, “Are they going to obey the Constitution? Are they going to ask for permission, or are they going to do this illegally?”

But where is Paul coming from on his foreign policy stance? Below, Paul explains his position and how it differs from his father’s, Rep. Ron Paul, isolationist approach.

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