ICYMI: If you’ve never heard a Schoolboy Q interview before, then do yourself a giant favor and click “play” on the Soundcloud below.

Giving a no-holds-barred, DGAF interview on Hip-Hop Nation, Schoolboy Q sat down with Torae to discuss the following topics: working with A$AP Rocky, what fans can expect from his upcoming album, Oxymoron (out Feb. 25), why Black Hippy — an LA-based hip-hop collective — is superior to other groups (think: A$AP Mob, Pro Era, MMG, YMCMB), and his PornHub screen name. Needless to say, it was a well-rounded interview.

As the conversation turned to hip-hop collectives, Torae wanted to know: “Who’s the best?”

“Us!” answered Schoolboy.

“OK, OK. Who’s the best in Black Hippy?” pressed Torae.


“What makes you the best?”

“‘Cause I am! I smoke weed, the most girls like me, I dress nicer than them, I rap better than them… You can listen to me by yourself, you can listen to me with the homies, you can play certain songs for your momma… I give better interviews…”

And what can we expect from Oxymoron?

“Some gangsta sh*t.”

Guess that settles it! Hear the rest of Schoolboy Q’s, er, candid conversation below.

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