The Offseason from Hell continued in a big way for Rex Ryan, Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets Saturday during a 24-21 preseason win against the New York Giants.

After watching rookie quarterback Geno Smith throw a trio of interceptions, then turn the ball over via a safety, Ryan chose to make a peculiar fourth-quarter decision: Insert Mark Sanchez, the veteran quarterback competing with Smith for the starting job.

At first glance, the decision makes some sense. After all, you just watched one of your potential starting quarterbacks stink it up; why not see if your other quarterback can guide you to a win against your cross-stadium rivals?

But that first glance doesn’t take into account the fact that it was preseason. Or the fact that it was the fourth quarter of a preseason game, a 15-minute stretch typically reserved for garbage football. Or the fact that Sanchez would be playing behind second- and third-string lineman. Or the fact that the Jets play in New York, have a storied history of landing themselves on the back page of New York newspapers for all the wrong reasons, and, oh yeah, they’re the Jets.

Of course, as the pieces tend to fall for Jets football, Sanchez injured his throwing shoulder on a rollout — coincidentally, as only a Jets quarterback could pull off, on one of his better throws of the preseason — and he was forced to come out of the game, eventually sent for X-rays and an MRI.

The icing on the cake? Ryan was hammered by beat reporters in the postgame press conference, and responded with a Dennis Green-level meltdown. (This seems like a good time to rehash the fact that this was Week 3. Of the preseason.) He refused to answer questions, performed what looked like an interpretive dance behind the podium, and probably emailed the tape to Coors Light for commercial consideration shortly thereafter.

So what did Mad Dog Radio’s Adam Schein make of the evening’s theatrics? Oh boy.

“It’s as if Rex Ryan knew I was on vacation. And it was as if Rex Ryan knew I was going to be fired up to do a monologue on Monday morning,” Schein said. “He said to himself, ‘How can I prove that I’m even dumber than you think? How can I prove that I’m even more clueless and inept than Adam thinks? How can I prove to all the other executives in the NFL, when I get fired from the Jets, I am not worthy of consideration to be your head coach? How can I prove it, that I am sans clue?’ Well congratulations, Rex. Take a bow. Rex Ryan proves that he is absolutely 100 percent clueless.”

Listen to Schein’s full rant below, and tune into Schein on Sports weekdays at 10 am ET on Mad Dog Radio, SiriusXM channel 86.

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