If it were Commissioner Schein and not Commissioner Selig, Pete Rose would be in the Hall of Fame.

On Schein on Sports Monday, Adam Schein said that Rose has paid his debt to baseball, and that the game’s all-time hit king ought to be enshrined in Cooperstown.

“It’s time for Pete Rose to go into the Hall of Fame,” Schein said. “Now, if I was the commissioner of baseball […] I would’ve penalized Pete Rose. I would’ve banned Pete Rose. It’s clear when you look at every clubhouse, you can’t bet on baseball. [… But] Pete Rose has paid his debt.

“With everything going on right now in Major League Baseball, if you’re Bud Selig, don’t you have to take a meeting with Pete Rose?,” Schein continued. “I really think it’s time to end the nonsense, and just let Pete Rose back into baseball, and just get him in [the Hall of Fame on the] first ballot.”

Listen to Schein’s complete thoughts below, and catch his show weekdays at 10 am ET on Mad Dog Radio, SiriusXM channel 86.

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