Don’t expect Drew Brees to overcome his road woes Saturday night, say Adam Schein.

Friday on his Mad Dog Sports Radio program, Schein on Sports, Schein predicted Chip Kelly’s Philadelphia Eagles to take down the New Orleans Saints in their NFC wild card matchup.

“I picked Philly to win that division. I love Chip Kelly. Surprised how solid Nick Foles has been. Give him a ton of credit for how steady he’s been this campaign, how dominant he’s been this campaign,” Schein said. “Drew Brees can try to spin it anyway this spinmeister wants to. Drew Brees has issues, the Saints have issues, on the road. Drew Brees at home this year is 8-0; he’s 3-5 on the road. His completion percentage: 73 percent at home, 64 percent on the road. Yards per game: 354 at home, 290 on the road. Interceptions: Three at home, nine on the road. And he’s been sacked 20 times away from New Orleans.

“How about in the postseason for Drew Brees?,” Schein continued. “Not including the Super Bowl, [he’s] winless on the road, completion percentage down vs. the home splits, pass [yards] per game – it’s a situation where it’s just not even a comparison. The touchdown to interception ratio isn’t there. Now Drew Brees can sit there and tell me it’s all based on circumstance. Or I can sit here and tell you this is not a blip, this is a trend.”

So will the Saints get waxed by the Eagles?

“Please don’t misinterpret, I’m not calling a Philly blowout. I think it’ll be a high scoring game,” Schein clarified. “At the end of the day, and I said this before the Cowboy game, how do you stop LeSean McCoy? He’s the difference-maker for Philly. And why I think Philly can make a run, very deep in this postseason: How do you stop LeSean McCoy? This game has 31-27 Philly written all over it.”

Mark the tape!

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