Enough out of Tony Dungy.

That’s the message Adam Schein tried to get across Wednesday on his Mad Dog Sports Radio program, Schein on Sports. Schein was responding to both Dungy’s comments in the Tampa Tribune that he wouldn’t have drafted Michael Sam because of the media distraction he would bring, and then Dungy’s subsequent statement clarifying his remarks.

Said Schein:

I’ll tell you what’s going to happen. Tony Dungy’s going to lose, if he hasn’t lost already, all credibility he’s ever had. Because in my mind and my eyes, Tony Dungy is clueless. Tony Dungy; who went on a nationwide tour to be a spokesperson for Michael Vick; who vouched for the character of Michael Vick; Michael Vick, in jail for murdering dogs, for killing animals. But Michael Sam is a “distraction”? Come on. What a back-to-the-Stone-Ages, sad comment from Tony Dungy.

Schein continue to reference one of Dungy’s former wide receivers:

Marvin Harrison played for Tony Dungy. Marvin Harrison was also investigated multiple times for killing someone. And that wasn’t a distraction? So it’s OK to be investigated – in Tony Dungy’s world – to be investigated for murder, but it’s not OK to be an openly gay football player? Wow. That is awful. Michael Sam’s sexuality is a distraction? Come on. I thought we were past this. Sad, pathetic, embarrassing commentary, that frankly, makes me sick.

Listen to the full monologue below.

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