The Denver Broncos’ shellacking of the San Diego Chargers on Thursday Night Football was proof positive for Adam Schein: There is no team in the NFL that matches up with Peyton Manning, John Fox and the rest of Denver.

“The Denver Broncos are the best team in the NFL, bar none,” Schein said on his Mad Dog Sports Radio program, Schein on Sports. “This team is ready to rock-and-roll. You wanna talk about Peyton Manning’s legacy and whether or not he’s the best quarterback of all-time, the third best quarterback of all-time, the fifth best quarterback of all-time; Peyton Manning should win a Super Bowl this year. If he does, when he does, he’s the greatest quarterback in NFL history, and there’s no question about that. If he doesn’t win the Super Bowl this year – now this might be unfair, but this is the deal – he’s going to take a step back.”

Schein added that he agreed with the opinion that head coach John Fox should be fired if the Broncos don’t win a championship this year. Why? He can’t find a team in the NFC that could beat the Broncos in the Super Bowl. Schein said Denver would beat the Green Bay Packers, Arizona Cardinals and Detroit Lions by double-digits, wouldn’t have trouble with the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys, the Philadelphia Eagles would have no chance, and if Denver met up with the Seattle Seahakws tomorrow, the game wouldn’t even be close.

“John Elway had a brilliant offseason,” Schein said. “He took a look at what happened in the Super Bowl and vowed that it would never happen again. He addressed all the areas of weakness – and there were areas of weakness on this team that made the Super Bowl last year.”

“This team is clearly, barring anything unforeseen like a major injury or two that we can’t see looking into the crystal ball, [Manning] has the best team in the NFL,” Schein added. “There is no doubt.”

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