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We had a Maroon 5 summer concert, and a mustang decked out in SiriusXM + TODAY logos. It was the launch of SiriusXM’s Today Show Radio, and TODAY show hosts Carson Daly and Savannah Guthrie got on our airwaves to share their excitement.

Savannah waxed poetic about her guest DJ stint on SiriusXM’s The Coffee House: “I loved being a DJ. I mean, I loved it unreasonably. It was so fun. First of all, Coffee House is my station. I like to “jam-out” to those singers-songwriters. You know, you cry, you think about your problems. It’s awesome, and I got to pick some of my favorite songs. I could have done it for three hours.”

Carson, on the other hand, said it’s his mom who’s going crazy over TODAY Show Radio. “My mother is very excited. If she’s watching and she has to run in the car, she can turn me on [channel] 108 now and continue to hear her son, who went to community college, do well in a news environment. It is awesome. Awesome for me.”

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