If the logistics allowed it, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson would be playing in both the National Football League and Major League Baseball.

Last week on MLB Network Radio, Wilson’s agent, Mark Rodgers, said that if Wilson “could figure out a way to do both, he would.”

“He loves the game. I’m telling you, if you put him on right now, he would tell you that if given the opportunity to do it, he would try to play both sports on the highest level,” Rodgers said.

Alas, Rodgers called it “practically impossible” for a quarterback to split his time between two professional sports. That hasn’t kept Wilson from bringing some of the lessons he learned on the diamond to the gridiron, though.

“Baseball’s an interesting game for him,” Rodgers said. “I watched him last year at [Texas] Rangers came [which Wilson visited in the offseason], and you watch him on the football field, and there’s two things that transcend for him. No. 1, is some of the throws he makes on the football field are so much like the throws you make at second base. Turning your body, twisting your feet, not always having great balance … so much of what he does on the football field comes from that.

“And the other thing is,” Rodgers continued, “and this is what makes him special, baseball has a certain routine every single day. The best players … were the guys that every single day, approach the game the same way. Whether they got four hits or whether they went 0-for-4, the next day, they were the same guy. And that’s what this guy does. He takes that baseball routine mentality to football, which is a tough thing when you’re only playing 16 regular season games.”

Rodgers even credited Wilson’s come-from-behind win against the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship Game to that baseball mentality.

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