Russell Brand wants to start a revolution: ‘Sometimes it takes a crisis for us to awaken.’

Airing Friday 10/24 at 2 pm ET on Raw Dog Comedy Hits, Ch. 99.

Russell Brand is a man of many talents: The English comedian, advocate and author debuted his newest book Revolution this month, and he sat down with Ron Bennington for an Unmasked on Raw Dog Comedy Hits to discuss how he thinks a Revolution should pan out.

“The problem with Marxism–which is only really just sharing, don’t be scared of that word, I know we’re in America–the problem with Marxism is that it placed economics forever at the heart of politics. When what belongs at the heart of politics is spirituality,” Brand said. “And socialism is really just a Christian principal, in that we’re all the same. We’re all connected. We should share. We can’t be happy if other people are suffering.”

When asked how we could possibly break away from this “sugar coated culture,” he replies “Sometimes it takes a crisis for us to awaken.”

The comedian used a meeting with Donald Trump as an example of what he is talking about. “We could, as a culture, decide that we are going to revere people who are good at [the board game] Hungry Hippo,” he joked. “And I think that’s sort of what capitalism is, because outside of capitalism Donald Trump seemed a bit daft! He’s not like a super guy. He’s just good at Hungry Hippos.”

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