Rudy Giuliani reacts to 9/11 Memorial Museum, describes its ‘most searing image’

9/11 occurred more than a decade ago, and memories of the attacks continue to bring up feelings of pain and distress for anybody who remembers the day’s horrifying events.

For those who lived in New York City in 2001, the events of that day hit particularly close to home. This is especially true of former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani, who not only had a front-row seat to the attacks, but was faced with the difficult task of leading a broken city’s recovery after one the most frightening days in United States history.

Indie‘s Pete Dominick recently spoke to the former mayor after the opening of NYC’s 9/11 Memorial Museum in a special segment called Hallowed Ground: A SiriusXM Indie Tribute to the National 9/11 Memorial Museum.

Opening up to Dominick, Giuliani recounted his initial reaction to touring the 9/11 Museum, and what visual aspects stood out to him the most.

“I guess the most searing image for me was seeing the tremendous cloud that was enveloping Manhattan,” said Giuliani. “It seemed like there was a nuclear explosion. It was this tremendous cloud traveling through the streets of lower Manhattan, almost like the cloud of death.”

“It must have lasted 45 minutes to an hour, which made visibility hard,” continued Giuliani. “And when you see the picture of it, you realize how much it had enveloped all of lower Manhattan. It looked like an atomic explosion. I was in the middle of that, but I never got to see it. So seeing it now reconfirmed for me why it was so difficult to get people out of the lower Manhattan area.”

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