This week on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio, ESPN NFL breaking news machine Adam Schefter called in to name one player he’s excited about heading into the 2014 fantasy football season, and one player he’s not all that high on.


I love Roddy White this year. He’s typically a second-round pick, and he’s money in the bank. And he had the high ankle sprain last year, and because of that I think he’s getting downgraded some this year. So he’ll fall into Round 3, and I think he’s a home run there.


When you look at it, he wants to be a pocket passer. So if he wants to be what he thinks he can be, then the fantasy impact is gonna hurt him some, because you’re not gonna be running around as much. And I think some of his greatest value is that he was running around and making spontaneous plays. So if he turns out to be the quarterback he wants to be, then his fantasy numbers are gonna be a little down. I don’t fully, fully trust him. I don’t know where I would pick him – there are some other quarterbacks I would like more at this point from a fantasy perspective. When we’re talking quarterback rankings, I would have Rodgers ahead of him, I would have Manning ahead of him, I would have Stafford, Newton. I’d rather have Romo because I think they’re gonna be playing these shootouts all year long. And I think I’d rather have Andrew Luck.

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