Rock ‘n’ roll doesn’t have its own 1776–when it can be traced back to the one day its heroes got together to take a stand–so we celebrate July 4th weekend by honoring the music revolutionaries and American bands whose signatures belong at the bottom of a declaration of great music.

Forty years ago, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young had become the voice of a different kind of American revolution. The group reunited for a massive stadium tour, captured on Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Live 1974. Deep Tracks is playing live tracks, some never before heard, from their tour all weekend long, plus encores of the David Crosby Artist Confidential and CS&N Town Hall.

Classic Vinyl counts down the Top 12 American Artists who Revolutionized Rock ‘n’ Roll, and Classic Rewind features the best bands sprung from the Land of the Free with its All American Weekend.

Over on E Street Radio, you’ll hear Southside Johnny’s July 4th concert and Born in the USA-era Springsteen live recordings all weekend long.

While the nation celebrates all things American, The Grateful Dead Channel celebrates all things American Beauty with live music from one of the band’s most important albums.

Without blues, there wouldn’t be rock ‘n’ roll. For its Red, Live & Blues Weekend, B.B. King’ s Bluesville is the best blues club in town, playing only live performances from our very own SiriusXM Studios.

On SiriusXM Internet Radio, SiriusXM Comes Alive features bands touring the country this summer, and RockBar is pouring The Drinks of Summer twice an hour.

There’s a whole picnic table-full of other specials happening this long midsummer weekend. See the full slate here, but a few highlights to call out:

It’s also the biggest weekend of the year in tennis, soccer and … fantasy football? Listen to Wimbledon, the World Cup, and the Red White and Blue 102 fantasy football special on SiriusXM.

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