Academy Award winning actor Robert De Niro stopped by SiriusXM Stars to chat with Perri Peltz about his new documentary, Remembering the Artist, which chronicles his father, Robert De Niro Sr.’s, life and career as a famous painter in the ’70s and ’80s.

De Niro discussed his parents’ separation and how, through his father’s personal writings, he found out he was gay. “I didn’t know much about that because it wasn’t something he was going to talk to me about,” said De Niro. “He was very reserved about that stuff.”

Moving on to his father’s career, De Niro talked to Peltz about his dad’s reaction to the shift from figurative art into pop art. “He was probably resentful of what was going on and this whole shift,” De Niro said.

De Niro touched on the fact that his father was an artist during a time when there was tremendous pressure to follow trends. “The ‘taste makers’… is an odd kind of phenomenon,” said De Niro. “Who creates the taste? and how?”
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Next, De Niro recalls childhood memories of his father and the importance of keeping memories alive. “I kept my father’s studio for [my kids], because I wanted them to know what their grandfather did,” said De Niro. “I wanted to keep the memory alive for them, too.”

And later, De Niro and producer Jane Rosenthal talk to Peltz about the initial stages of the documentary. “If you’re gonna do anything like this, you have to be ready,” said Rosenthal. “You have to trust how it’s going to be handled.”

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