Rob Reiner: Hillary Clinton ‘probably the most qualified person to ever be president’

Director Rob Reiner believes in Hillary Clinton.

“At a minimum, she’s probably the most qualified person ever to be the president of the United States given her background,” he told John Fugelsong on SiriusXM Insight Thursday.

When it comes to a possible Clinton-Bush match-up, Reiner obviously stands by Hillary, but does concede a bit: “Jeb Bush is not a terrible person … he’s not like his brother.”

And despite who makes it on the ballot in November 2016, Reiner says voters should consider one thing: The Supreme Court.

“Congress has become basically irrelevant … we’re basically governed by nine people now … so if you’re concerned about what the Supreme Court is going to do in the future then you’ve gotta vote – you know I would say you have to vote – for Hillary.”

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