Johnny Manziel may be the first quarterback taken in the NFL Draft on Friday. SiriusXM NFL Radio analyst Bill Polian said the Cleveland Browns need to consider the former Heisman Trophy winner at No. 4 overall.

Monday on SiriusXM NFL Radio, former NFL MVP Rich Gannon broke down Manziel’s pros and cons.

He can’t throw from the pocket. It’s not where he’s made the biggest plays when you study him. Outside the pocket, his ability to improvise, his ability to escape and create plays, is better than anybody I’ve seen probably in the last 10 years. Even better than Robert Griffin III. He is unbelievable in traffic, and he can make people miss. He can make the big plays down the field, he can throw equally well running to his left as to his right. Those are the things that really get you excited about him. His competitiveness, he’s a smart, bright guy. He’ll be a challenge, trust me, for any quarterbacks coach or for any coordinator because he’s got a little Brett Favre in him. He’s a little unorthodox, he’s gonna do some crazy things, he’s gonna leave you scratching your head […] but he’s gonna be exciting. He’s gonna make some mistakes, but he’s also gonna make a lot of big plays.

Where do you think Manziel will be selected in the draft? Where do you think he deserves to be selected? Tweet your thoughts at @SiriusXMNFL, and tune to SiriusXM NFL Radio, channel 88, for full coverage of this year’s draft.

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