Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller is facing a four-game suspension for violating the NFL’s substance-abuse policy, according to reports. Former NFL MVP Rich Gannon discussed Miller’s reported suspension, and the league’s growing problems with PED use on The SiriusXM Blitz.

According to Gannon, the easiest way for players to avoid suspensions is to stop using over-the-counter supplements, and instead use supplements provided by team personnel.

“A lot of [younger players] are taking stuff, putting stuff in their systems, that they’re not quite sure what is in these products,” Gannon said. “The NFL has a very strict set of rules and guidelines that the players have to adhere to, and it tells you very clearly that you’re responsible for what you put into your system. And if you’re not sure, you have to ask the trainers and the strength coaches in the facilities.

“And we were always told, toward the latter part of my carer, just take what we provide here,” Gannon continued. “If you need some supplements, we have it here, and we’ll give it to you. These have been approved by the National Football League.”

Gannon also spoke about how different the current NFL players’ mentality is when it comes to supplement use compared to when he played.

“You know what’s amazing is that, even when I first started playing in 1987, players weren’t really into supplements, “Gannon said. “Players would lift and run and have a beer every now and then, just protein shakes, that was really it. Now, every player, even in high school, these guys are going to performance centers, they’re being sold a bill of goods that this supplement, or this vitamin, or this mineral, or this sports drink can really help you recover, or help you get leaner. You just look at the magazines and the promotional ads and the marketing for all these supplement companies, it’s really amazing. And I think what happens is these players, these younger players, believe they need this to get an edge.”

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