Remember when everyone in your league (except that one guy who had a weird obsession with Tom Brady) used to take a running back in the first round of your fantasy football draft? And then another eight running backs would come off the board in the second round? According to SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio’s Rosterwatch, those days are over.

Byron Lambert and Alex Dunlap explained why, outside of this year’s top five running backs, it’s smarter to wait than to reach for the position.

I see tremendous running back depth this year. And I’m personally in no rush to draft running backs this year, which is contrary to a lot of the archaic thought about, “Get your running backs early, reach for your running backs if you have to” … We’re telling you that those days are over.

Rosterwatch even suggested owners treating running backs as they’re used to treating wide receivers in fantasy drafts.

This is going to be a year where we very much recommend “best fantasy football player available,” and if that means you getting stuck and waiting in the draft for your running backs, it’s OK and that may even be a better strategy. The way that I’m starting to think about this is when I put this cheat sheet together, these running backs, more so than any year in the last five years, they just are starting to look to me like fantasy wide receivers. And what I mean by that is that I think it’s gonna be more about your corps of running backs that you’re able to collect and roster, and it’s gonna be about match-up playing those guys on a weekly basis. Picking the two or three guys from your stable, match-up playing them, and that’s going to change every week. It’s going to be very much like what you’ve always done with wide receivers.

Lambert and Dunlap continued to name some late-round running back candidates to consider, including Frank Gore and Andre Ellington.

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