This week’s Press Pool with Julie Mason saw a flowering spring bounty of delights: A new interview with Edward Snowden, the use of literature in spy craft, the return of Frank Rich after a long hiatus producing HBO’s Veep, a pensive rumination on the governor of New Jersey, and making fun of rich people.

Frank Rich’s piece in New York magazine was about sex, Republicans and the Clintons:

Julie also talked with Mark Leibovich of the New York Times about his piece on how unseemly it is these days to appear rich, when you are rich, and campaigning for public office.

Peter Finn from the Washington Post had an intriguing piece about how the CIA in the 1950s used the book Doctor Zhivago to undermine the Soviet Union.

Ryan Lizza of The New Yorker took a journalistic deep-dive into New Jersey politics and chatted with Jules about his piece on Gov. Chris Christie.

And Sarah Ellison of Vanity Fair talked with Julie about their exclusive interview with Edward Snowden.


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