There was a lot of news this past week. From US military action in Iraq, to ceasefires between Israel and Hamas to the death of Robin Williams and the death of a young NASCAR driver named Kevin Ward. But the one story that continues to resonate here on Progress 127 is the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo.

Make It Plain’s Mark Thompson, who traveled to Ferguson to report first-hand from the scene, questioned the increasing attempts to blame Michael Brown for his own death.

Many on the Right have already attacked the so-called insertion of race into the situation in Missouri but as we heard on Make It Plain, the issue at hand is beyond just race and about out-of-control police.

Instances of Ferguson’s cops abusing their authority are made worse when they’re equipped with military weaponry. That point was made clear on The Agenda with Ari Rabin-Havt. St. Louis defense attorney Jerryl Christmas discussed how police militarization has affected law enforcement’s response to protests in Ferguson, MO.

Stay with us next week as we continue to look for the stories behind the story.

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