School is in session on SiriusXM Stars (Ch. 109)! Wake Up with Taylor takes us back to college with guides for first time roommates; Jenny Hutt covers health and school nutrition; and Perri Peltz tackles the tough issues faced on campuses around the country. From shopping for supplies to parenting and education, SiriusXM Stars is here August 10-16th to teach you all the rules — So pay attention! There will be a quiz later…


Jenny McCarthy’s Dirty, Sexy, Funny

Jenny McCarthy is getting schooled all this week with:
Michelle Dudash, Nationally-Recognized RDN shares her 5 Back to School “TidBites” for Cleaner and Healthier Eating.
Dave Smith, Executive Director of Kids In Need Foundation will discuss ways you can help under privileged youth receive an education.
Dr. Dan Peters will discuss Smart Shaming and why being smart, is perceived to be…bad.
Dr. Jodi Gold will share advice for getting your kids back to the classroom and into the swing of things.
(Weekdays 10 am-12 pm ET)


Just Jenny

Jenny Hutt questions, “Are you ready to send your children off into the world?” Join in the discussion on how to let your children grow up and all the challenges that come with it. (Weekdays 12 pm-2 pm ET)


The Dr. Jenn Show

Facing fears and overcoming anxieties for all age, as parents and children prepare to go back to school!
Monday: Are your kids heading to school for the first time? Saying “goodbye” as they head off to kindergarten.
Tuesday: Bullying: Recognizing the signs and learning how to confront the issue.
Wednesday: Your children learn more than just academics in school. How are their friendships affecting their emotional growth?
Thursday: How the pressure of college has an impact on parents.
Friday: Looking back on what we learned this week, here are the top 10 lessons for students and parents as we prepare for another school year. (Weekdays 10 pm-12 am ET)


The Moms

Transition times are hard on the whole family. As kids of all ages head off to school, Denise and Melissa will focus on the range of emotions parents experience as their kids grow and the nest gets empty. (August 10)


The Perri Peltz Show

Perri Peltz reports on the growing number of sexual assault reports on college campuses with President Obama’s campaign It’s On (August 11)


Seth Speaks with Seth Rudetsky

As Seth’s daughter prepares to start high school in September, he is learning and sharing a few lessons of his own… (August 12, 15, and 16)


Wake Up with Taylor

Join Taylor on Thursday as she throws it back.. all the way back to her college days for #TBT. Call in with your stories while Taylor and her college bestie Mash Up Nicole will dish on theirs!! So, grab a solo cup cause we’re playing Cards Against Humanity or A$$hole or…whatever the kids are drinking to these days! (August 13)


Financially Fearless with Alexa Von Tobel

Alexa Von Tobel gets college student’s Financially Fearless with a financial plan for college. (August 13)


Dot Complicated

Randi Zuckerberg shares the latest gadgets and apps that will make going back to school great for students and parents. (August 14)


Dr. Laura

The first day of school is stressful for everyone, but for kids who have a fear of separation, it can be a nightmare. Dr. Laura talks about some of the things that parents can do to make the first day of school a good experience.

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