Three World Series championships. Betting on his own team as a manager. All-time hits leader, with 4,256 in his career. Seventeen-time All Star. A ban from baseball, and ineligibility to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Pete Rose is remembered for many things in his 28-year MLB career as a player and manager. But arguably his most famous play occurred in an exhibition – the 1970 All-Star Game.

Indians catcher Ray Fosse fractured and separated his shoulder on the play, and Rose sat out three games with a bruised knee.

If the MLB rules committee gets their way, home plate collisions like the one Rose and Fosse were involved in will be eliminated from the game. The committee, led by Mets GM Sandy Alderson, announced at last week’s Winter Meetings that the change could come as early as the 2014 season. Proponents for the rule change cite the increased number of concussions by baseball players, and the threat of serious injuries, like the one Buster Posey sustained in 2011 during a home plate collision.

Pete Rose joined Hot Stove with Jeff Rickard and Kevin Kennedy on MLB Network Radio this weekend and talked about why he disagrees with the proposed rule.

“I understand safety and concussions,” Rose said, “but doesn’t it seem like with all the concussions being reported in the world of football and hockey that baseball is kind of overreacting?

“Name me a catcher in the last 10 years that’s got a concussion,” Rose asked. “Buster Posey didn’t get a concussion, he turned his ankle because it got caught underneath his foot. Justin Morneau got a concussion sliding into second base and hitting the shortstop’s knee.”

Rose went on to explain why he appreciates that baseball rarely changes its rules.

“Baseball has been played since 1869,” Rose said, “and I think one of the good things about it – they’re bringing replay in next year – but other then that, the DH and lowering the mound into the 1968 season, [those are] the only rule changes baseball has made. I thought baseball was doing pretty good.”

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