Pete Dominick at Media Day: Arm wrestling, head rubbing and Tim Tebow

A list of things Pete Dominick learned during his trip to Media Day Tuesday at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J.:

  1. Pete’s handsome – just ask the Jets Flight Crew
  2. Tim Tebow is now working for the Seattle Seahawks
  3. Pete may have a future as a professional arm wrestler
  4. Pete is rooting for the Denver Broncos on Sunday
  5. Rubbing Pete’s bald head is good luck
  6. Duke Ihenacho is the next Larry King
  7. You don’t mess with Tony McDaniel
  8. Pete is rooting for the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday

At the end of the day, Pete invaded the stands, where he found the world’s biggest Ricky Williams fan, our new favorite Jets fan, Frank Gore, Marshawn Lynch and Mark Gastineau.

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