Patton Oswalt really likes to live tweet ’80s on 8 (and we love him for it)

A few months back, Patton Oswalt started live tweeting every song he heard on ’80s on 8, and it was hilaaaarious. Then, the formerly prolific Patton took a much-publicized “Twitter break” this past June. We don’t know about you, but Twitter felt a little emptier because of it.

Fortunately, Patton jumped back on the Twitter bandwagon this month, where he went right back to poking fun at the ’80s on 8 countdown.

And I think I speak for everyone when I say, WE MISSED YOU, PATTON.

Here’s Patton’s latest ’80s on 8 live tweet, where he had a few choice words for Rick James, Bryan Adams, Santana and others.

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