Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams stopped by SiriusXM Hits 1‘s The Morning Mash-Up today to share her feelings about Valentine’s Day, Justin Bieber’s latest antics, and her yearnings for a puppy.

Although she has spent most of her Valentine’s Days working, Williams is a big fan of the holiday in all its cheesy glory, saying it’s the effort that counts. “You can’t go wrong if you’re trying to be thoughtful… you should make an effort… just make the reservation two days early– a week early,” Williams said.

Williams also had some thoughts on Justin Bieber’s recent bad boy behavior and the ensuing media circus. “I feel for people that grow up in the spotlight like that… We grew up around The Warped Tour… around people that really cared about us,” said Williams.

Later, Hayley cut to the chase: During Stanley T.’s “Ask a Brutha” segment, she asked how she could talk her boyfriend (New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert) into buying her a puppy for V-Day. Fortunately, Stanley T. had a surefire way to guarantee results: “It really depends on the type of man that you have,” said Stanley. “If he’s baby scared… [say] ‘You don’t have to worry about the baby if you get a puppy.'”

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