Last year, Zero Dark Thirty dramatized the U.S. mission to kill Osama bin Laden for the big screen. While the film detailed American efforts throughout the 10 years leading up to bin Laden’s death, the Pakistani side of the story was left out.

Now, a report by the Abbottabad Commission set up by the Pakistani government has been leaked to Al Jazeera’s investigative unit, analyzing why Pakistan was unable to find bin Laden or detect American military presence on its soil.

Phil Rees, an Al Jazeera journalist who reported from Islamabad, called into The Press Pool on POTUS Politics to talk to Julie Mason about his piece and the “scathing” Pakistani report, which describes the U.S. military operation in Abbottabad as an “act of war” and declares Pakistan to have “governance implosion syndrome.”

“The underpinning analysis of the report is a kind of sarcasm,” Rees said. “You get a portrait of a country effectively run by the spy agency,” he added, citing the fact that the Pakistani defense minister did not find out about bin Laden’s death until his daughter called him from New York the next morning.

Listen to the clip for Rhees’ behind-the-scenes account of investigating the government report and his analysis of its implications for Pakistan.

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