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Marlins manager Mike Redmond – “Being able to actually push the envelop a little bit and be a little bit more aggressive is going to be exciting too.”

Cardinals manager Mike Matheny – “I’ve seen a group of guys who just continue to impress me, they show up ready to go.”

Mets 3B David Wright – “I just love the energy, the enthusiasm, the passion that this team has.”

Dodgers manager Don Mattingly – “I look at us as a little deeper, more of a kind of professional day in day out fight for your outs type lineup.”

Nationals SP Max Scherzer – “I wanted to go to a winning ball club. Obviously when the Nationals called with the talent they have here, this a an organization you want to be a part of for seven years.”

Braves 1B Freddie Freeman – “It’s definitely a little different this year. The team is built differently and we’ve got a lot of new guys so we’re trying to build chemistry as quick as we can so we can get off to a quick start.”

Diamondbacks Chief Baseball Office Tony La Russa – “The thing that I noticed when I get here int he last half of the year, the everyday talent nucleus is better than 98 losses. They just got savaged by injuries.”

Indians manager Terry Francona – “But I think we have a reason to be optimistic. Now we have to go work and turn that optimism into wins during the season.”

Tigers SP David Price – “Winning is kind of a tradition here so we want to continue that and get to the postseason and put our best foot forward.”

Rockies SS Troy Tulowitzki – “I’ve told everybody the same thing, I’ve prepared, I did my rehab, I do everything I possibly can to stay on the field. So watch me play and you guys tell me what you think.”

Astros OF George Springer – “To have some experience under my belt and just to be able to slowly build off of all of that is helpful.”

Reds 2B Brandon Phillips – “I don’t feel like I have anything else to prove. I mean if I stay healthy all my talent and all my stats will be able to speak for itself.”

Mariners 2B Robinson Cano – “They got the right pieces and the Front Office and has a great job.”

Cubs 1B Anthony Rizzo – “Bringing in all the talent, re-signing [Jason] Hammel, I could go on and on, but it’s really got a better fell to be a good team and not just and lot of talent.”

Red Sox 2B Dustin Pedroia – “We made some great moves. We added a lot to our offense. So it’s going to be a fun year.”

Twins OF Torii Hunter – “There’s a lot of talent in there. You know there are a lot of guys in there that can play the game and are definitely the future of Major League Baseball, but the future might be now.”

Orioles 1B Chris Davis – “As long as we stay healthy we’ll be able to compete in the AL East and hopefully for a World Series again.”

Pirates manager Clint Hurdle – “Our focus is on everybody in our organization getting a little bit better today in some area. These men have embraced it.”

Rays 3B Evan Longoria“From the beginning, I really wanted to be one of the guys that was one of those rare guys where they get to spend their whole career in one place.”

Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. – “There’s no reason for us to move a guy like Cole Hamels or other players we might have on our roster unless we feel like we are definitively getting the types of players that will move us forward.”

Blue Jays C Russell Martin – “Unfortunately when somebody goes down, it’s somebody else’s opportunity to step up and get something done. There’s a lot of young talent in this clubhouse.”

Yankees GM Brian Cashman – “I just know that the best doctors have weighed in [on Masahiro Tanaka’s elbow], they made a recommendation, he’s been pitching, he’s been fine and listen if there’s going to be a problem it will declare itself as a problem.”

Athletics GM Billy Beane – “We had a great start, but you could really from the inside see it eroding a little bit. There was some concern about the depth of the starting rotation.”

White Sox SP Jeff Samardzija – “This whole get to know you process is going on right now, but just early on I’m excited for the personalities that are here and the professionals and excited to get to know these guys and get in there and play some games.”

Rangers 3B Adrian Beltre – “I wanted to be here and I appreciate that he [Jon Daniels] and the front office also want me.”

Royals GM Dayton Moore – “The success of our team is going to be predicated on the same guys that performed for us last year. It’s going to be our core.”

Padres GM AJ Preller – “One thing we wanted to make sure was we didn’t make any moves that in the short term were big-time sacrifices for what we are trying to do over the course of a three or four-year period.”

Brewers OF Ryan Braun – “When you look up and down these rotations and batting orders, there’s a lot of really good players. … I think the NL Central is probably the toughest division in baseball.”

Giants SP Madison Bumgarner – “[Preventing a World Series hangover] is one of the toughest things to do, but I think everyone’s prepared to go out there and do it.”

Angels OF Mike Trout – “The whole team has one thing on their mind, and that’s winning the championship, and anything else is a failure.”

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