While Opie & Anthony are celebrating their 20th anniversary on the radio all year, tonight they’re sitting down for a special interview with Ron Bennington for his Unmasked series at Caroline’s in New York City. In honor of some of the greatest interviews we’ve had here at SiriusXM, in no particular order, here are our top 10 favorites that we captured on video.

1) Charlie Day: ‘I’m like [checking Mary Tyler Moore] out. It was very awkward.”

2) Hugh Jackman and the cronut.

3) Fandango lotions up.

4) Ricky Gervais: “I couldn’t believe my luck” when Justin Bieber went to Anne Frank’s house.

5) Andy Samberg’s Nicholas Cage impression.

6) Hulk Hogan: “Stallone took a beating” filming Rocky III.

7) Darrell Hammond can’t even go incognito in a crack house.

8) James Caan: “[Luca Brasi] actor Lenny Montana was like a little girl.”

9) Jenna Miscavige Hill talks scientology’s secrets.

10) “That’s probably a bad idea, send Ozzy for the drugs.” 

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