Robin Williams once said, “I believe in destiny. There must be a reason that I am as I am. There must be.”

With the passing of Williams at the age of 63 at his Northern California home on Monday, SiriusXM celebrates the life of the actor who captivated the world. From inspiring students to love poetry in Dead Poets Society to bringing a board game to life in Jumanji, Williams was truly gifted with a talent for acting in roles both serious and comedic.

Here are some of our fondest memories at SiriusXM of the actor who was destined to move audiences with each and every one of his performances:

At a SiriusXM Town Hall, Williams reflected on his legacy.

“I would try to do as many different things as I could. That I think I want to explore literally as many different mediums as I could and also do as many different characters as I could before I go. If I can say that, then I think I did a good job.”

Be sure to view this playlist to hear more from Williams himself.

Actor Robert Wuhl joined SiriusXM’s Fantasy Sports Radio to talk about working with Williams on the 1987 film Good Morning, Vietnam.

“It was great. It was fun. It was a perfect vehicle for him, he was perfect, the perfect director was doing it. It’s like if you had a great singer, and you had Sinatra with the right part and you let him do his songs, it was perfect. Plus, we all hung out together in Thailand … Robin and Bruno [Kirby] and I probably had a dozen dinners together. It was great. Robin, a very special guy. I am going to miss him. I am going to miss Robin Williams a lot.”

While Robin was certainly known for his work as a brilliant artist and comedic entertainer, he was equally celebrated for his big heart, caring, sensitive nature, and genuinely humble character.

“Robin was very special and probably the biggest heart of anybody I’ve known. Robin was a great human being, as far as causes. When AIDS broke out, remember Robin was a San Francisco comic when the AIDS epidemic starts. There was a couple of comics that Robin had bankrolled, took care of them, that nobody knew about. I knew about one of them. Robin’s a special guy … Robin was very special. This is a loss. Really, Robin Williams’ don’t come along. It was beyond the comedy, the artistry, if you knew him. He was a good guy, he was just a sweetheart of a guy.”

A tribute to Williams from SiriusXM Comedy:

Below is a schedule of SiriusXM Robin Williams coverage:

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