Following a viral video aimed at exposing sexism and the extra barriers for women in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields, Emily Graslie, host of The Brain Scoop on YouTube, joined Ari Rabin-Havt on The Agenda on SiriusXM Progress to reflect on the outpouring of support since Upworthy catapulted her video into the limelight.

What prompted the video? She was asked what the least favorite part of her job was. Emily, who is also The Field Museum’s Chief Curiosity Correspondent, said that reading the sexist, mean-spirited comments and emails that only mention her body, the way she dresses, or her attractiveness were disheartening, especially since most had nothing to do with the content on which she works hard to educate her audience.

So Emily did what she does best: She called them out and explained why they’re wrong. And very thoughtfully at that.

Since the video, she says she has received hundreds of emails from women in all different industries thanking her for saying what they have been thinking for years, but haven’t been able to express.

Responding to whether people may think she’s being too sensitive, Emily exclaimed: “If (the comments) were meaningless, then we should be dealing with a more level playing field.”

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