Norah Jones, Catherine Popper & Sasha Dobson of Puss n Boots talk No Fools, No Fun and covering Wilco

Replays Tuesday 7/15 at 8 pm ET and Thursday 7/17 at 11 pm ET on Outlaw Country, Ch. 60

Puss n Boots, aka musicians Norah Jones, Sasha Dobson, and Catherine Popper, stopped by SiriusXM Outlaw Country to discuss the formation of their band and their cover of Wilco’s Jesus, etc. from Puss n Boots’ debut album, No Fools, No Fun, which will be released Tuesday 7/15.

“Sasha booked a gig at a pool hall for us to learn guitar on … So, that’s how we started playing guitar, because Sasha and I, we were already singers,” said Norah. “We learned enough chords on guitar to get Catherine here to play with us … We played a lot of gigs when we were all in town just kinda to get together and have fun. And then finally we sounded like a band enough to where we thought we’d make a record.”

Later, the trio recalled how they added a cover of Wilco’s Jesus, etc to the album. “We did The Bridge School Benefit and Wilco was on the bill,” began Norah. “We were like, ‘Hey man, are you guys gonna do “Jesus, Etc.” because we’re gonna do it. We’re gonna cover your tune.’ So they did it that night and then we did it. We were hanging out afterwards with Wilco, and Jeff Tweedy comes up and he’s like, ‘Man, that was cool. You changed the lyrics, it was cool’ … I was mortified because I know that song so well and I didn’t even Google the lyrics. I like had it memorized from just listening to it, and I guess I heard it wrong.”

“The line is ‘Our love is all of God’s money.’ But we sang, ‘Our love is all we’ve got, honey.'”

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