Emotional Ron White: Robin Williams ‘so kind for no reason at all’

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What gets sardonic, scotch-swilling comic Ron White to tear up? This story about an act of Robin Williams’ kindness, one the Blue Collar Comedy Tour comic hadn’t told until after Williams’ suicide earlier this year.

With larger-than-life roles as Mrs. Doubtfire, Professor John Keating, and Aladdin’s Genie, Robin Williams easily felt like a dear friend to all those who experienced his comedic antics onscreen. For this reason, Williams’ death and how it happened struck a particularly somber chord with those who were fortunate enough to know him personally – even for only two hours. Fellow funny man Ron White recently sat down with Ron Bennington on Raw Dog’s Unmasked to discuss his first and last interaction with Williams. White apologizes member became emotional when recalling meeting him – and his reason for doing so.

“We didn’t spend one second talking about the amazingly boring story of sobriety. We talked about jokes and comedy and stand-up, and he helped me work on a bit I was working on. We sat there and laughed for two hours,” White said. “[I] never saw him again … And Robin – in the two hours that I knew him – was on the whole two hours. I mean, he was Robin Williams in character, which was all he was really comfortable doing … Nobody really knew what was going on behind that.”

Feeling all the feels yet? Check out these clips from our favorite funny man below.

“I was once dressed as [Mrs. Doubtfire] in San Francisco, and I walked into a sex shop.”

“They say [Stephen Hawking] goes to strip clubs.”

“I first met [Matt Damon and Ben Affleck], and I wanted to see some ID. I went ‘You wrote this bullsh*t? Lemme see some ID.'” 

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