V-Day is fast approaching, and whether you gents plan on stepping out or snuggling inside with your S.O. tomorrow night, Heather B from Sway in the Morning has got an enticing elixir you do not want to skip serving. Wake Up! with Taylor‘s Taylor and Kenny gave the pretty pink drink a try, and they can assure you – it’s delish. (Or as Taylor so artfully put it, “[Your girlfriend] will be Tweetin’ that shit all over the place.”)

Heather’s love potion recipe consists of “tequila, fresh lime juice, macerated strawberries, and a little bit of a secret that I can’t tell you about.”

But if anyone can get a secret out, you know it’s Taylor and Kenny. Listen in for the full recipe here! “It’s very easy to do,” Hetaher B said. “Shake it up, and pow, you’ll get the panties.”

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