Neil Patrick Harris talks Barney Stinson’s suits, spending the night with Katy Perry + Hedwig on the Morning Mash Up

Neil Patrick Harris, the Emmy and Tony award winning actor/producer and current star of the Broadway musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch, stopped by The Morning Mash Up on SiriusXM’s Hits 1 to talk about everything from his How I Met Your Mother Barney Stinson suits and hanging out with Katy Perry to award show presenters messing up their lines.

True to form, Harris was looking super-sharp when he came into SiriusXM, and that’s when discussion turned to his How I Met Your Mother/Barney Stinson suits.

“I got some of the suits afterward. I was kind of like well, ‘Who else is gonna wear them?’ They’re super tailored to my body, so I got like a dozen. Unbelievable — Paul Smith and Dolce & Gabbana — amazing suits. And then I proceeded to lose 20 pounds to play Hedwig, so I look like a hobo man in the suits now. The pants are gigantic; I look like David Byrne in all of these amazingly fitted suits. So they’re all just sort of sitting, waiting in stasis for me to be able to eat a pizza.”

The star also shared details about his experience attending a Katy Perry concert in Montreal.

“David [Burtka] and I flew to Montreal to see Katy Perry’s concert, ’cause we’re friends with her and I was doing a show when she was here at Madison Square Garden, and she said ‘Well, come to Montreal.’ Fantastic, so we spent two days kind of away from the kids, we got a lot of sleep. We got to hang out with her, we went on a bike ride with her, and we had dinner with her that night. The night before, we got to go backstage and hang out in her dressing room. Kind of all-access to Katy Perry. Considering there’s 14,000 people in the arena all, like, desperate to even have her look near them, it was fun to have that sort of access to her. And I was so impressed by her, really just in every way.”

Harris also touched on award show presenters and admitted that he was shocked by John Travolta’s now-infamous incorrect pronunciation of Idina Menzel’s name at this past year’s Oscars. (Reminder: Travolta introduced Menzel as ‘Adele Dazeem.’)

“We know that [Travolta] has listened to Wicked. It’s the biggest musical ever. Idina Menzel is a giant star in the thing, so do you think he just read the prompter wrong and then just thought it was the path of least resistance to just leave? How could you not stop and repeat her name? What happened?!”

“It is mind-boggling because [presenters] have approved the copy that they’re reading. Their team has certainly approved it … I’ve produced these shows now, the Emmys and the Tonys and stuff, I’m a co-producer on it, so believe me, I understand this. And then they get out there and read it and then throw the writer under the bus or something. They’ll, like, screw up the joke and [say] ‘Hey, I didn’t write that joke’ and so that’s annoying, for sure.”

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