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Neil Patrick Harris is having the craziest of all possible months. Not only did his autobiography, Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography, just arrive on bookshelves, but Harris is garnering critical acclaim for his ultra-creepy role in Gone Girl, AND he’s just been asked to host the 2015 Oscars.

Stopping by SiriusXM for a Town Hall, Harris spoke with EW’s Matt Bean about all of the aforementioned achievements, starting with his debate over how to announce the Oscar news.

“The Oscar thing happened very randomly at the end of last week,” said Harris. “We had to come up with a clever way to announce it, which we wanted to do over social media. But we wanted to sort of slow play it, and then all of the sudden some internet person had found out it was happening and was calling for confirmation. So we were suddenly in panic mode. And so we’re filming things, and getting approvals on things, and quickly trying to download and upload things and then press send. And then it was announced.”

Harris also jokingly touched on who he’d want to do a musical Oscar number with, if he could pick anyone, that is. “Gaga. That’d be fun. But again, you have to think: Is that movies? [And] Adele. That would be cool. Pink? We could do circus things.”

Finally, Harris name-dropped a few past award show hosts he admired. “I was a big fan of what Seth Meyers did with the Emmys and his opening monologue I thought was very strong. It had teeth but it wasn’t mean. He does that so well.”

Harris continued: “Ellen (Degeneres) did such a great job last year with making everyone feel comfortable — that’s a big part of it. These actor people spend so much time that day, that week, the month before going to event after event, and it’s all culminating to this moment. Then by the time they finally sit down, they’re just kind of battle wounds — they’re just shell shocked! And so Ellen comes out and she’s super-comfortable and relaxed, tells great jokes and starts the show quickly and makes everybody feel at ease. That helps the show. I’ll try to find a balance in there somewhere.”

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