Names have consequences! How your baby’s name affects dating, wealth

In light of all the excitement around the new royal baby and her very royal name (Charlotte Elizabeth Diana), SiriusXM Doctor Radio took a dive into the psychology behind names and naming.

Professor Frank McAndrew says there are a few things you should consider before naming your baby:

Kids with popular names tend to be more popular. Studies show that when children meet other children for the first time, familiar names help make the situation more comfortable.

That affects grownups, too. People with unusual, unpopular or “less attractive” names scored lower on self-esteem scales as adults, smoked more and were more likely to drop out of college, according to one study.

Your name can affect your dating life. When dating sites show only name and location (no photo!), those with “less familiar” names get fewer responses from others in their area.

First-born males are most likely to be “namesaked.” And those boys are usually named after someone in their dad’s family. First-born girls rarely getting a namesake, but whoever is born next will probably get it!

Kids are usually named after their more affluent relatives. “It’s a way of setting the child up for future favors and to connect them with the right relatives. So if one side of the family tends to have more resources than the other one, there will be more namesakings that go in that direction.”

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