4,256 career hits, more than any other player to step foot on a baseball diamond. 761 home runs, a number no player may ever reach again.

On paper, all-time hits leader Pete Rose and home run king Barry Bonds are without a doubt two of the greatest to ever play the game. But both have been shunned by the Hall of Fame as their legacies were tarnished by controversy and scandal.

So which of the two greats is more deserving to be forgiven and enshrined in Cooperstown? Sports attorney Marc Edelman joined SiriusXM’s Bleacher Report Radio and surprisingly made the case for Bonds.

“Barry Bonds was doing something that, according to reports from players like Tony Gwynn and Frank Thomas, close to half of the players in Major League Baseball were doing,” said Edelman. “His behavior was not indifferent to many of the other players at the time, and perhaps it should even be compared to someone like Hank Aaron, who frankly has admitted to taking amphetamines while he was playing.”

Edelman added that Rose’s history of gambling should continue to be taken seriously.

“As far as we know, Pete Rose was the only one, and the only one for a very long period of time,” Edelman said. “Baseball has the historic issue going back to the Black Sox Scandal in 1919, and a real bonafide fear that teams might lose the World Series on purpose in exchange for a sum of money. Gambling is the worst offense, and even though Rob Manfred seems to be forgetting it nowadays, it has to be taken very seriously.”

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